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December 1965. Visiting English Professor, Arthur Sinclair, has finished his fall semester at Vickroy University tucked away in the quaint hills of Corrine, New Hampshire. Eager to return to his family in Hartville, Ohio, Arthur unfortunately hits a snag with graduate student, Lorraine Nichols; their time under the mistletoe unfortunately interrupted by FBI Agents Hamilton and Brubaker. Much like his fellow faculty members, the fuzz only have one question on their minds: Where’s Charlie?


Charlie Dawson has been absent from his classroom for the past forty-eight hours; Arthur’s attempts to avoid further drama from his fellow educator inescapable as Charlie corners him on his way out of town. The two instructors are quickly sauced, navigating the snowy stretches of Corrine in search of morality and consideration.


As their night unfolds, both men only ask what’s necessary of the other; Arthur subtly attempting to unearth the truth from Charlie in-between uneasy encounters with equally-disillusioned pariahs. Together they excel at masking their good intentions; the pressure of whatever mysteries lie ahead easily stifled by another round somewhere just far enough away from home.


Compiling twenty tales into one concise volume, Double Feature chronicles a hodgepodge of struggling anomalies through cities, small towns and mental institutions. Each story provides a tainted slice of golden Americana with its companion work offering a glimpse of consequence. Follow a broken-down singer on tour before another lost soul guides him astray. Watch a family beach trip turn sour with the onset of an unsolved murder. Hidden loves and dirty secrets keep many balanced although talk of revolution spreads from backyard to honky-tonk. Is that salvation at the door or merely another disgruntled video store clerk collecting late fees? Be mindful. Fast forward then rewind.

A Nurse
A Professor
A Past Master
A Journalist
An Actress
A Clerk
A Party Planner
An Advertiser
A Receptionist
A Cable Repairman
A Peddler

Field Days Often Fade follows six couples coping with the inevitability of human existence in the small town of Laulis, New Hampshire. It is a tale of lingering connections and leftover pieces amongst lopsided companions measuring their time in years. Minor betrayals and subtle lies spread from backyard barbecue to watering hole; the next generation adopting every nuance while parts slowly crumble from the larger mold.

Released October 24th 2016

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